Check this out!!! We where listed as one of the Best Parrot Foods of 2023!!

Check this out!!! We where listed as one of the Best Parrot Foods of 2023!!

This article was originally written by Monika Sangar. There is a Link to the original at the bottom.  

The healthiest choice for all birds is fresh food. However, it's fun to add variation and excitement with new favors, treats, and meals. So here are fun, tasty additions you can add to your parrot's meal plans from our best parrot food list of 2023. In no specific order: 


Chirstine’s Chop Shop

Almond Cranberry Birdie bread is the best bread out there. It is just absolutely loved by parrots. I have to double the batch for our sanctuary if Almond Cranberry bread is on the menu. Christine Chop shop is made from local, organic produce, a high-quality shop, that creates some amazing foods. Eclectus-safe, as my parrots, eat her food all the time. Check out her biscuits, and calming crackers as well. 

Christine shop shop image


Tops pellet

Tops Pellets comes up pretty high when I asked my friends what is one the best foods for parrots. Organic, high quality, I have used this many times at the sanctuary. Great ingredients for the overall healthy parrot pellet. Not only that but they cold press their pellets meaning they don’t lose vitamins and minerals in the processing process as you might if you apply heat. And if that's not enough, there is no sugar ( in any form) in their ingredients list. I checked twice

Tops Parrot Pellet

Finley Exotic Treats

Harvest Bars by Finley Exotic Treats baked with fresh veggies and the sweetness of the sweet potato and homemade applesauce, perfectly complement all the vegetables. It's a healthy parrot treat because treats don’t have to be unhealthy, and most shouldn’t be. These bars are perfect for birds who need encouragement to eat more veggies or transition to fresh foods. 

finleys exotic treats



I have been a big fan of Goldenfeast, and when the company changed ownership, we all received some lesser quality products but it's back, if not better. Goldenfeast Australian Blend is a great seed mix for small birds with lots of different ingredients and a great product for foraging. No artificial stuff, no vitamins added, just the way we like it. Let the food talk for itself and this seed mix does. 

golden feast


PDS: Organic Herb Seeds Mix

Pds created a seed mix with herbs. Dry herbs, flowers, and species with a healthy array of seeds create a unique mix. Use by itself or sprinkle on top of fresh food. Lots of ingredients, anywhere from red raspberry leaf to roses with everything in between. 

PDS Herb Seed Mix


Higgins Worldly Cuisines

Higgins Worldly Cuisines African Sunset, is made from some wholesome ingredients but some ingredients are sugary, so please use them cautiously. We love that there are no artificial ingredients and no vitamins added. I added fresh veggies to the Higgins Worldly Mix for my parrots to make it more complete and eclectus friendly. 

Higgins worldly cuisines

The Prepared Parrot

The Prepared Parrot has done something different. Freezer-dried chop, in individual cups, which can be used as part of our parrot emergency kit. The product lasts 15 years! Great for day trips, all I needed was warm/hot water, which I can get from any coffee shop, and have a veggie chop in minutes. No artificial ingredients and no added vitamins, just freezer-dried veggies which retain 90% of all their nutrients. 

Bongo Bowl


Bird Street Bistro

We can’t have this list without Bird Street Bistro, apple berries. There is some sugar from the dried fruit, but the number of healthy ingredients balances it out. No artificial ingredients, and no added vitamins which is what we want for our feathery friends. The best thing is the parrots love this food. It's fast to make and easy to serve. 


bird street bistro



We can’t have a top 10 list without nutriberries. Sunny Orchard Nutiberries, should not be the main diet but used for foraging and treats. These do have artificial ingredients and added vitamins. Not recommended for eclectus but I know parrots love these things. They are also high in sugar. These are excellent for foraging treat. 

nutri berries


Golden Gourmet

Golden Gourmet Conure and Small beak is a wonderful mix for small parrots. A large amount of diversity of ingredients for a treat. Use for foraging or a sprinkle on fresh foods. This mix is great for picky birds because the different ingredients will allow the bird to try different food. 


Golden Gourmet



Author: Monika Sangar 
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