Did you know #2 Turmeric

Did you know #2 Turmeric

Did you know? 

Turmeric - Turmeric is high in Vitamin C & B. But that is not it! Turmeric also works as an anti-inflammatory to help with those aches and pains, can promote healthy blood circulation, increase heart health & boost your pet's immune system. Turmeric is also something I suggest everyone keep in their pets first aid kits as Turmeric can also aid nausea, prevent roundworm & can act as an antifungal. For better absorption add a pinch of black pepper.  

But just like Cinnamon, Turmeric can also be used in your garden. Heal tree wounds simply make a paste of turmeric and water and apply to the wound and wrap. As a rooting agent just sprinkle some dry turmeric on the roots when transferring to the ground. You can also make a spray to use as a natural pesticide against ants & other small pests. But remember a little goes a long way when using to treat pests mix 1 TBS to 1 gallon of water. 

Turmeric benefits have been seen in ALL animals: dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, crocodiles, reptiles, chickens, ducks, birds, cats, alpacas, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.

Please remember I am not a vet nor a professional nutritionist all information shared is from research gathered from books & the internet. 

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