Did you know #4 Edible Oklahoma Wild Plants

Did you know #4 Edible Oklahoma Wild Plants

Did you know #4

Did you know Oklahoma has many Native Edible Plants?  Here are just a couple.  

Jerusalem Artichoke - Also known as Sun root or Wild Sunflowers grow prominently in central Oklahoma. They produce a bright yellow flower that closely resembles a Sunflower. Jerusalem artichokes can be eaten raw, boiled, or grilled. The white flesh is both nutty, sweet & crunchy like chestnuts when raw. Baked in their skin, they have a mild taste & texture of mashed potatoes. Safe for us Humans, Dog’s, Cat’s & Birds

Dandelions- We all know they grow everywhere. But did you know young dandelion greens offer a good dose of Beta Carotene & Vitamins A & C. Dandelions are edible buds to stalk the flower itself. It is probably the healthiest part because they contain more polyphenols that offer protection from cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and much more. Also high in antioxidants. Dandelions have a slightly bitter & tangy flavor that can be used like spinach. Safe for Humans, Dogs, Cats & Parrots. 

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